Any reliable SEO company won’t stick to a set number of keywords. Putting a limit on the number of keywords will only limit your traffic and growth. We usually see this in companies who are upselling higher packages with more keywords. It’s a great strategy for them to earn more. But it results in missed opportunities for you. Searchers use hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of keywords. Having unlimited access to these keywords can mean more for your business. More traffic. More leads. More conversions.

There are many SEO companies in Brisbane that claim to help you rank high on Google's search results pages. You must distinguish between firms that only want to make money and ones that want you to succeed. These are 9 important questions to ask SEO companies in Brisbane, Queensland.

Expertise means a content writer who has the required credentials, education background and qualifications.

Backlinks are tricky; you’ll have to play by Google’s rules to win. However, without it you won’t build authority over your market. Your well-written content will just be a waste of digital space unless it ranks. Reliable SEO companies will only work for backlinks from trusted and relevant websites that pass a strict quality check. Getting this wrong will lead to a Google penalty for building spammy backlinks. With backlinks, quality should always come before quantity.

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