This website is one of my projects for preserving and sharing truth videos with others.

On the channels-list.com homepage you'll find a bunch of channels that I found over the last 3 years.

You'll find channels that have been terminated and this website has the videos backed up and available for you to copy and share with others.

Please use this website to spread awareness, to watch and share and download videos to have your own copies.

Please also checkout my other websites if you like "colluding with the Russians":

Since you know they lie to us about everything, then you’ll know that everything they say is the opposite, because lies are opposite of truth, if they say it’s good that means it’s bad and if they say it’s bad and make it look stupid then that means it’s good and smart.

The Bible says they’ll do this, so when you know this, it makes it easy to identify, knowing that they lie about everything.

Marijuana is actually a good thing, but they tell us it’s bad and all this other stuff to hide the truth from us about it.

This is how they always do it

With everything!

So consider this when you hear anything, from anyone, even could be from a friend, you don’t know where your friend heard it or where the other person heard it and what they believe or what’s in their heart. Maybe they heard it from one of the mainstream lying sources, that are all controlled by demonic satanic entities, in government as well, theirs a lot of good people in government, but government ultimately is satanic. The signs are in our face, so consider these things going forward. They lie to us about everything!

There's a lot of useful information on this website, and even though a good amount of it may be on other sites it's good to not be limited by interfaces or programs that guide you and restrict you how they are created to allow you to access and consume the data.

Please share this website channels-list.com with everyone. Don't gatekeep, we are at war and there's no time to waste!

We need to seek unity in the truth! We are all equal, no one is above anyone else, you are just another me and vice-versa. We have to let truth be the foundation for our beliefs and our actions. We must not harden our hearts. We have to practice forgiveness. Life is a journey of seeking truth and the heavenly father is teaching us all through-out our lives. Our hearts can deceive us, therefore we must be founded upon truth to not be deceived. We must seek the truth to know it and we must learn how to research and think and update ourselves as we learn and grow on our journey in seeking to be closer with each other and most importantly the creator through knowledge of the truth. Gain strength in truth. The time you spend watching videos on this website is worth it partly because you gain wisdom, understanding, courage and strength from others! No one knows it all! The measure that you give, is the measure that you will be given at judgement day, so treat your neighbor how you want to be treated and try to be open minded.

How to make the list? Seek truth and upload videos! How to NOT make the list? Don't seek truth and upload videos!

I love you all! And please don't forget to share the site with people, its a great tool to connect everyone who is seeking truth and is in the body of Christ.

I'm constantly looking for new channels to add and remove actually, so if you're uploading truth videos and exposing evil then I'll back up your videos, no matter how nice or how mean you are and no matter if you donate or not. But if you upload propaganda and push lies I won't backup your videos or if your channel slips in somehow I will remove it. We all believe lies on some level, if you're an agent against humanity and refuse to accept truth and you know about this site and refuse to research anything then you are not welcome here. I'd tell you to get lost but you are already lost!

The aim is to have a site with as much truth videos as possible but seeing as we all believe lies on some level some channels may upload mainstream narrative garbage, but the more you research and seek truth the better your discernment becomes. The best thing you can do with your time right now, if you don't know, is watch the videos from this site or on youtube from these channels on the list.

NO Rapture, Nibiru, Planet X channels allowed! PLEASE RESEARCH FLAT EARTH! Don't be a fool by over-thinking it and not even watching the videos or trying to debunk any of it.

If there's a channel you don't see on the list maybe I didn't know about it and you can send me an email to let me know.

If you like what I'm doing you can help me keep going by sending a donation. Every little bit helps.

You should know that using that donation form they charge a fee, so if you want to send me a check to my mailing address instead or if you want my bank of america account number then please email me at alex@goretoy.com or cloudsbehindthesun@gmail.com

In March I was running out of space and so I deleted 140TB of videos and started all over. Too many channels were on the list that simple didn't belong there. Long story short in a few months I got all this videos downloaded again, sure I lost many but people re-upload the videos so it's alright, the very good ones won't disappear forever so long as people like us make copies and mirror them.

Money is going away soon, so if you feel called to help me with my ministry, know that I'm planing to make a lot of impact with it. I also need you to share the sites with everyone, because the money only goes so far.

I hope this website helps men and women from all walks of life to connect and put their minds together.

Please keep me and my ministry(the channels-list website, troo.tube) in your prayers. The more people that see your videos that are archived by this website, the more of a target this ministry becomes. We are caught up in a spiritual battle and it is manifesting in the physical world in many ways. I hope these videos help for people to realize that they've been put under many evil spells over their lifetime and that they break free from that wickedness and open their eyes.

How this website works is. You don't upload videos here. You upload videos to YouTube or Bitchute. I find your channel, or when your channel gets terminated, you create a new gmail and youtube channel and upload there or a bitchute account even better and email me the url to the channel so I can be made aware of it ASAP to start backing up those videos. I add your channel and it automatically downloads your videos. It runs whenever I run it manually or when ever it gets to it randomly out of the long list of channels you can see.

You can also mount this website to your computer and it will show up as a hard drive that you can just access all the files for all the backed up channels. Troo.Tube about page has more info on this.

Because the website just uses files the browser cache stores some of them, so if you are seeing some kind of bug or if you want to get the most updated version of the data and website then you'll need to clear your browser cache.

Thank you so much for seeking truth and for supporting my lifes work.

While we still have access to social networking tools and can reach people all over the world I implore you to send links to this website all over the internet. I know it can be time consuming, but I could put in a good 8 hour day just commenting on videos, and sharing videos with people and so could you. Now with this website it makes sharing easier. Just do it!

All for the glory of and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our LORD, our Creator and our Saviour!

If you hate God, then you should know that they tricked you, they tricked all of us, nothing less is to be expected from liars and psychopaths. Test every spirit to see if it is of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. They programmed you, to participate in their satanic rituals and cults. Now that you know, are you able to un-program yourself? I'll give you a hint, the videos are a good place to start. "Let God be true and every man a liar", for you to truly understand this you have to seek truth, or you will misunderstand it.

I can get any of these computer programmer jobs working for companies like Amazon, Merck, CNN, Monsanto and many more. Don't think that they haven't contacted me in the past, my resume is in many recruiter databases and they email me all day about jobs. I don't want to help them build software to manipualte people, or to lie to them or to spy on them or to ultimately even help them kill people. They make you jump through a lot of hoops to even get the job and once you get it, who knows how long you will be there. That's why it's even pointless for me to apply because it's a total waste of time, don't listen to those commercials on youtube about becoming a programmer. It's all a bunch of cults. Break free from the spell by seeking the truth and learning the reality of the world we live in. Programming is something I do because I was put under a spell to want to do that.In the last 5 years I started to feel like its witchcraft and all this stuff is satanic. So if you're thinking about tech as a career, don't do it, you should know that you'll be used and abused and helping them use abuse and kill people en mass. Please help me with your donation to pay bills and survive, I refuse to work for them even for $150/hour I won't do it.

If you're a police officer, you too should know that they tricked you and you are part of a satanic cult, they are very sneaky like that. At what point do you say? "I can't do this job anymore". Don't partake in their wickedness.

We all die one day, and our life is a test, a test of how much we love the one who gave us our life, and a test of how much we are willing to do what it takes to spend eternity with him, how much we love truth and seek it and seek him in knowing truth, rather than spend eternity without him. If you think hell or hades is a nice place to go party, you better think again. Seeking truth isn't easy but if the truth can set you free from lies and make you closer to the creator and his son, then by all means do it at all costs! Nothing in this life is worth going to hell for eternity, avoid hell at all costs!