iPhone SE 2020

Earlier this year, Apple intensified the mid-range battle by releasing the new iPhone SE 2020. This latest iPhone is arguably the most exciting smartphone in the market so far. You get iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic chip in the body of an iPhone 8, starting at an affordable price of AUD $749. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the iPhone SE 2020 special.

iPhone SE Body and Design

The iPhone SE completely resembles the iPhone 8. It has a small comfortable size with a 4.7" HD display (1334 x 750p).  The glass and front are both made from glass, with an aluminum frame, giving the phone a premium feel.

The SE 2020 also brings back the home button and sacrifices Face ID for Touch ID. It has an official IP67 dust and water resistance rating. The SE 2020 is available in white, black, and product red.

The Camera

The phone has a single 12MP rear camera that Apple claims is the best single-camera system in an iPhone.  The stunning photos from the rear camera reiterate this claim. Features you get to enjoy with the rear camera include; portrait mode, 4K video recording at 60fps, optical image stabilization, and slo-mo at 120 or 240fps. QuickTake video is also possible in the iPhone SE 2020.

The front-facing camera is a single 7MP lens that takes quality photos. It supports portrait mode, Depth Control, and can record 1080p HD video at 30fps. The Depth Control is software-based since the phone lacks a True Depth camera system.

The Phones Performance

Most users of the iPhone SE 2020 agree that the phone has excellent performance. It runs on the A13 Bionic chip, the same chip in all iPhone 11 models, that Apple claims is currently the fastest in a smartphone. The powerful chip, coupled with the phones 3GB RAM, makes using the SE 2020 a seamless experience. The new chip also means that the phone will be eligible for updates for the next three years.

As a typical iPhone, the phone is available in three variants based on ROM: 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB.

Wireless and Fast Charging

The SE 2020 supports wireless charging and 18W fast charging. With fast charging, the phone charges up to 50% in 30 minutes. Nonetheless, to enjoy fast charging, you have to buy a 29/ 30W power adapter from Apple.


Nonetheless, there are a few frowning points when it comes to the iPhone SE 2020. So, what’s there not to love about the phone?

Low Battery Life

The SE 2020 has a small 1821 mAh battery that will barely last you around 1O-13 hours on average usage,see more here at Campad Electronics iPhone SE 2020.

No Night Mode

Despite having a great camera, the phone performs poorly in low light conditions.

Thick Bezels

The iPhone SE 2020 has a thick bezel at the top to house the front-facing camera, and at the bottom to host the home button. These thick bezels can be somewhat obtrusive when streaming videos and gaming.

iPhone SE 2020 Cases

The best place to find a case for your SE 2020 is at Campad Electronics. We have a wide variety of iPhone SE cases including, Clear, Twinkle, Flip Wallet, and Otterbox Cases, among others. Order now from us at an affordable price.

Clear Cases

Clear cases for the iPhone SE 2020 show off the colour of your phone while providing protection from drops and scratches.

Wallet Cases

iPhone SE 202 wallet cases are ideal for those who want to travel light without toting around a bulky wallet. Wallet cases will hold your cards, cash, and ID in one place which is very convenient.

Otterbox Cases

OtterBox's Defender Case for iPhone SE 2020 is built for ruggedness. This case rovides  gives your iPhone with a high levels of protection. It will absorb and disperse impact so your iPhone will be protected from damage  caused by drops and slips

Is the iPhone SE 2020 Worth It?

The SE 2020 is the best phone for those looking to upgrade from android to iOS, or for those with older iPhone models.  

If you go ahead and purchase an iPhone SE 2020 or already have an existing one, getting your phone a case is a great idea. It gives you more grip over your phone; hence accidental slipping and falling are reduced. In case the phone falls, the case will protect it from damage. You can also grab a stylish case to give your phone a cool look.

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